The Accelerate program at BROWNS English Language School. What is it? How can it help?

Accelerate is an invaluable time:

  • Want to build new skills,
  • Improve on existing skills,
  • Take your language acquisition to the next level &
  • Enrolled in Cambridge FCE or CAE… get some additional practice outside of the classroom.

On a student’s first day at BROWNS, each person is issued a BROWNS Passport. Each week, the teachers write in the Passports, providing specific and personalised feedback to students on their individual strengths, and areas for improvement to focus on during that week’s Accelerate program.

BROWNS English Language School Accelerate

Every weekday, BROWNS students have a designated hour in their schedule for Accelerate study. In this hour, the students bring their BROWNS Passport to the Accelerate area where the Accelerate teacher uses the Passport to gauge the student’s progress and suggest areas or skills for that Accelerate session.

All BROWNS students are encouraged to attend Accelerate; it is available twice daily:

  • At 11:40 to 12:40 to coincide with Schedule B &
  • At 1:40 to 12:40 to complement Schedule A.
  • Part-time Schedule A students can attend either schedule whichever is best for you, or why not attend both!

Accelerate covers the four macro skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. It also provides support for vocabulary expansion, with themed topics and wordlists related to units of study.

What do I need to bring? A pen, paper your BROWNS Passport, and a can-do attitude to build your knowledge.

One-on-one with a teacher how often does that happen? If you are in FCE, CAE, or IELTS then you should go to do extra practice. The teacher will help with appropriate activities.

Running in conjunction with the Accelerate program we have two additional offerings.

On Monday, students coming to Accelerate can partake in a guided conversation. Topic cards have been prepared, bring a friend, and practice speaking in a relaxed non threatening manner.

Want to learn how to create an eye-catching resume? Prepare a cover letter, understand, and learn valuable skills to assist in the job-hunting process. Wednesday offers students a Jobs Club.

Keep watching this blog for information about BROWNS English Language School‘s Job Club and Conversation Club, held weekly and free for all students.


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