Arts Centre - Gold Coast

As part of the BROWNS curriculum and a week on ‘Cultural Studies’, specifically learning how culture and tradition is passed down through stories, music, and art, students at BROWNS visited the Gold Coast Arts Centre. Currently showing at the Arts centre is an exhibition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art.

The Gold Coast Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art exhibition celebrates the work of emerging and established local Indigenous artists. The 2012 Award is centred on the theme, Gaurema gulli-nu (Stories from here). The purpose of the exhibition is to acknowledge and celebrate the Gold Coast’s Indigenous heritage by offering artists an opportunity to exhibit and promote their work to the wider community. (Click here for further details)

The following short writing piece is from one of the BROWNS students that visited the exhibition. Marina writes:

“The Aboriginal arts which I saw at a museum were mixed original style and modern design and colours. It was my first time to see aboriginal arts directly and I really love them. The portraits and other arts also looked lively and looked like they were moving. The colours are beautiful and I was drawn to them.”

Thanks to the teachers at BROWNS who organised the field trip with their students, and also to the Arts centre that provided our students with a guided tour of the exhibition.

The exhibition finishes on November, 25th, 2012.