Work in Australia

Want to learn how to create an eye-catching resume? Prepare a cover letter, understand, and learn valuable skills to assist in the job-hunting process. Every Wednesday, BROWNS English Language School provides students a free Jobs Club program to assist with finding and applying for work in Australia.

This class will help accelerate you to the next level.

Broken up into four sessions over four weeks:

  1. Overview of what you will get,
  2. Write a great resume & cover letter,
  3. Where to find a job & LinkedIn profile creation,
  4. Learn and develop great interview skills.

Session 1.

  • Know your work rights, visa types and can I work in Australia?​,
  • If yes, then get a Tax file number (TFN)​,
  • Understand what superannuation is,
  • How much can I earn in Australia?​,
  • Your rights while working​, Fair work, where to go for help,
  • Further requirements for specific jobs​ &
  • What else do I need?

Session 2.

  • Understand the function of a resume,
  • Create your resume,
  • Tailor it to the individual job,
  • Update it regularly,
  • What is a cover letter? Isn’t it a resume? No, it is not. Learn how to create one.

Session 3.

  • Where to find a job,
  • LinkedIn profile creation,
  • Build networks &
  • Talk to people.

Session 4.

  • Prepare for the interview,
  • What to wear what to say,
  • What not to say &
  • Practice interview with feedback.

What is left to do?

Take your career or business to a new level, a professional level.

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? No, I hear you say, well then it is time to create one. BROWNS assists students with this during the third session, however, for our blog readers we are providing some tips to get started today.

Let us begin.

It may not be used immediately but it is a fantastic way to advertise yourself and connect with likeminded folks in the industry, keep up to date with peak bodies updates and changes in legislation in your field.

  • Introduce yourself to the world,
  • You don’t have to be an executive,
  • Discover conferences, seminars, or workshops providing valuable information in your field,
  • Join industry groups,
  • Keep it up to date with relevant information,
  • Follow others,
  • Professional development,
  • Build a great network of industry workfellows,
  • Search for a job &
  • Use it to research an industry.
  • If you have your own business, Great! that is ok:
  • Build your brand,
  • Advertise it,
  • Network,

Or further tips:

What is in a LinkedIn Profile:

  • Select an email you use regularly and check it for content,
  • Add a phone number that you use and check,
  • Complete the information necessary to set up an account,
  • Chose the account type, that is best for you,
  • Add a high-quality headshot that sells you,
  • Maybe even add a profile video,
  • Add experiences past and current and any relevant skills, and abilities,
  • Any awards that are appropriate for your industry,
  • Remember make it engaging to read,
  • Paste your LinkedIn URL into your resume,
  • Write a summary:
    • Abilities,
    • Skills,
    • Qualifications,
    • Goals,
    • Strengths,
    • Keywords,
    • Be succinct,
    • Personalize it,

After doing all of this:

  • People begin to comment on your posts,
  • You get more Connect invitations to Accept,
  • Your profile strength improves &
  • You receive introductions to job opportunities.

You have now successfully boosted your LinkedIn profile.

To summarise

  • Remember LinkedIn is not a resume
  • Add recommendations
  • Take assessment tests
  • Post regularly
  • Share your published work
  • Join groups
  • Get more connections
  • Use numbers and bullet points when writing your summary
  • Avoid making your summary dull
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Showcase your achievements
  • Create a professional portfolio

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