Chrissie is nearly here. Time for everyone to chilax at the beach in their bathers and sink a few cans on Vitamin B! 

If you have no idea about the meaning of these two sentences, you should read this story. 

Australia is a unique country and so are the people that live here. It goes without saying that, Australian English is equally unique. One area that makes Australian English so different from British and American English is its slang (Read the post "Learning Australian Slang"). Slang is a very colloquial range of words and expressions. They are often only understood by certain groups of people depending on their age, gender, ethnicity, region and interests. Many international students find it very difficult to understand slang and are often confused when it is used by Australians. 

The ABC has a great resource to help you start to understand Aussie Slang. The Australian Word Map allows you to explore and search for Australian slang words and expressions. The website also lets you see what slang is used in different areas of Australia. However, I have two warnings for you. First, this website does not contain every Aussie slang word or expression. If you hear one that is not on the website, just ask an Aussie what is means. Second, some of the slang on this website is offensive so be careful where you use it and who you say it to. Have a look at this Australian comedian getting an American lady to use Aussie slang.