On November 27th – 2012 BROWNS English Language School was recognised as the Australian leading Education and Training exporter at the 50th Australian Export Awards. (Click here to see all BROWNS Awards)

"The Australian Export Awards is a national program that recognises and honours Australian companies engaged in international business who have achieved sustainable growth through innovation and commitment. The Awards measure businesses against their peers based on the strength of their international growth, marketing and financial strategies."

The below case study was published by the Australian Export Awards on their website (click here to see the original article) and we would like to share it with you.

Case Study - BROWNS English Language School

Winner, Education and Training Award

"Education has become a business in today’s competitive world – and the English language industry is now a valuable export commodity for this country. In 2011, Australia generated over $15 billion in export revenue from education. 

Browns English Language School, which was established in 2004, has been particularly successful in achieving strong growth in a difficult market. The school currently has 600 students studying English in campuses in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Browns draws students from many different parts of the world. In 2011-12, the school opened new offices in Russia and Latin America and increased market share within key source countries such as Brazil, Japan and Korea.

The company exclusively markets offshore and continually researches student needs, as well as suppling new programs, student support services and co-curricular activities. Alumni who have now returned to other parts of the world are formally and informally engaged to help market the school.

Browns focuses on building a good student experience, with systems in place to regularly receive and monitor feedback from students about their experiences at the school. An extraordinary 98 per cent of students have said that they would recommend Browns and the school uses this support to market to new students.

The Australian Export Award judges were impressed with the client-centric view of Browns operations. They commented that the school’s leadership has articulated a clear vision for the college, with a commitment to quality through investment in academic staff and curriculum development and a focus on student satisfaction – all of which have brought strong results and exceed the norm in the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) sector."

Original article onhttp://www.exportawards.gov.au/Case-Study-2012-Browns-English-Language-School-QLD