Many international students, who come to Australia, find in the hospitality industry an opportunity to work and gain some priceless experience. Some areas require long preparation (time and money) until you get ready for a job, but it is not the case for coffee. If you choose an appropriate course, you can be job-ready in only 5 weeks. (Learn more about our Barista @ BROWNS course).

Let me explain why you should consider working in the Australian Cafe industry. In the past years, it has experienced a strong growth offering an increasing number of jobs. According to IBIS World, “Cafes and Coffee Shops in Australia: Market Research Report”, there are more than 86,243 people working in this AUD$4 billion dollar industry (yes, billions with a b). It is then not surprisingly that getting a job in this industry is not hard at all; indeed, our Barista@BROWNS graduates only need 3 weeks on average to get a job across the more than 6,701 coffee shops around the country. Better yet, our graduates get paid an average AUD$19-AUD$22 per hour, which is more than their peers who work in different industries such as cleaning. The great news is that experts forecast an annual revenue growth of 3.2% over the next five years through 2014-15, which means more jobs and better wages.

Sounds like a good opportunity for you, doesn’t it?

As I said, it is not hard to get a job in this industry if you choose an appropriate course. As an international student, one of the main concerns about getting a job in Australia is the language barrier. But this is something you don’t need to worry about if you join the Barista@BROWNS course because being job-ready implies that you will also have taken English lessons focused on the hospitality industry. You will learn the vocabulary extensively used in a coffee shop which will give you the confidence to work with colleagues and even serve customers. Moreover, you will receive a statement of attainment for 3 nationally recognised competencies that you need have to work as a barista:

• SIXTFSA101 – Use Hygienic Practice for Food Safety
• SITHFAB204 – Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee
• SITHFAB201 – Provide responsible service of alcohol

Don’t take my word for it when I say you will be job ready. According to information we have been able to gather from our graduates in the last 6 months, 74% of them are working in the hospitality industry in Australia while 18% have decided to continue their English language studies. A small percentage have returned to their countries and 2% have opened their own coffee shops (click here to read the story of Chatcha and Tony from Thailand who opened their own Cafe business in Thailand).