We are the Faggion-Niccolai family and our adventures began back in Italy with the love of travel and new experiences.  With our children Giada, 13, and Alessandro 11 years old we decided to close our business in Italy in December 2022 and leave for a trip of a lifetime to travel Australia.  We had previously been in 2018 but wanted to take the children again when they were a little older to experience new and different cultures and visit places that we have never been to. We wanted our children to know and understand what living away from their home would be like and how it would influence them as they got older.

After some traveling through different parts of Australia we decided that we should stop in Brisbane.  Brisbane is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia.  It has so much to offer, close to all the islands, beaches, nature parks.  But what it also meant is that we would have a base for the next few weeks before returning home to Italy. 

We decided as a family to join BROWNS English Language School to improve our English (another new experience), share some moments of the day together and then apart, and to be able to see each other in different situations.  We only joined for a short time but what it did do was show our children what it was like to study here in Australia, introduce them to students their own age (High School Preparation) and of course international students, it makes them grow up better people. And for all of us, it improved our English, and our knowledge of Australia, adding experiences we would never have had back home in Italy.  Our experiences at BROWNS were one of the best. We enjoyed studying, the teachers were very patient and kind and all the other staff were always smiling and pleasant.

Our time here at BROWNS has finished now but the memories will remain forever.  We hope to return to Brisbane again.  We really recommend that you try this experience for you and your children as you will not regret this experience, it was truly one of the best.

The Faggion-Niccolai family
(February 2023)

Since 2003, BROWNS English Language School has delivered world-class English Language training to international students from around the world. More than 35,000 students from 102 nationalities have completed a BROWNS program, making BROWNS one of the leading private ELICOS provider in Queensland for adults and young learners.


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