“Hi, my name is Karen and I am an English teacher at BROWNS English Language School (BROWNS) in Brisbane, Australia.

I couldn’t be more thankful that I am lucky enough to work here. BROWNS gave me the biggest opportunity for growth in my career. I am more than pleased to say that I wake up every day feeling happy about going to work just because I know that I’m going to see my amazing and lovely students. I teach them English, but they teach me innumerable things about the essence of life. It’s so rewarding to share experiences with them and learn from each other while we create beautiful memories together. 

BROWNS students are incredibly inspiring and talented human beings who will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Here’s what some students had to say about their teacher, Karen.

“You’re an excellent teacher. You’re loving, dedicated, and very understanding. I feel very good in your classes. I enjoy coming to study and learn.”

“It was a great experience, I left very happy and very grateful to the group of people who attended because sharing with people of different nationalities and cultures is quite enriching because we always take a little bit of each person and experience in our hearts.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet with my classmates in parks, parties, and short trips. The meetings outside of school with Karen are always great and useful. She is always in a good mood, she has excellent didactics, very attentive and friendly to everyone. I believe that activities outside the school are always welcome as they improve the relationship between the student and the teacher with moments of leisure and relaxation, and consequently, we create connections that are favourable to learning within the classroom, and learning becomes more interesting and pleasurable.

“I have never had one teacher that involves in a lot of activities, and I met some students from another school! Thanks to you, I improve a lot of my knowledge, listening and speaking! Karen helped with grammar and vocabulary. I am going to have a nice memory. I met some classmates from different countries, so I have a lot of new friends! I am very lucky to have a teacher like her.”

“Classes are fun because in most cases they talk about random things and that makes you want to be in class. Apart from the fact that you do many activities outside of class, which is good to practice English in real life with more classmates.”

“I think outdoor activities are cool because you meet people there and you can put into practice what you learn in class and it also makes us have a good time”.

“I participated in the barbeque. It was really great. It allowed us to meet together and discuss with everyone, and the landscape was beautiful! Thanks, Karen!”

“My experience has been incredible. I love the BBQ with classmates and teachers. They are nice people and I can learn in the school and outside the school, getting a real Australian experience. I’m very happy in Brisbane and I have been collecting wonderful memories”.

“I have gone out with Karen to a few activities outside of BROWNS and it has always been an amazing experience. She has a magical energy and has been very generous with me. I can count on her for everything. She is always willing to help. She is one of the best teachers I have ever met in my life”.

“Australia has been an incredible experience, and with Karen, I can explore more. Since I met her at BROWNS, my life has changed in different aspects here. I visited places, made friends, and created moments that made this trip. Now she is my teacher, and friend who helps me in and out of class. For me, this is the best part of Australia.”

“I’ve never had a friend and a teacher at the same time. Thank you teacher Karen”.

“The meetings in which the students gather are of important value because in this moment of union we make friendships, learn different cultures, and also practice English, which is very important for the development”.

Keep scrolling to see some of Karen’s most memorable moments this year.

My first party with the students (Pyjama Day).
We celebrated my birthday at Roma Street Parkland (Brisbane. Australia)
We visited Byron Bay in August 2022.
Celebrating Davi’s birthday at school.
BBQ Day at Roma Street Parkland (Brisbane, Australia)
Farewell lunch at a Brazilian restaurant, saying goodbye to two students, Lays and Yuki. One of the BROWNS students also works here.