Volunteering on the Gold Coast

Maria, BROWNS English Language School student (left) and Iveta, BROWNS English Language School teacher (right)


Volunteering on the Gold Coast

Hi, my name is Iveta and I’m an ELICOS teacher at BROWNS English Language School.

The most common question I get asked by the students is: “How can I speak/practise English outside the classroom and/or keep speaking in English when I finish my course?”

Well, here is an idea – volunteering! It’s full of awesome, kind, friendly people who are happy to chat forever. So you get to improve/practise your English while you help others – it is a win-win situation.

As some of you may already know I’m quite involved in volunteering on the Gold Coast and here are some suggestions:

Socialise with the elderly. A friend of mine works as a recruitment advisor for this company and they are looking for volunteers right now (click here). If you are missing your grandparents and have one-hour spare, once a week, it’s a great opportunity. Plus elderly people love to talk and some of the stories they share are simply amazing.

Sporting events. I did six major sporting events last year and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, most of these events start later on in the year, the first one is in July (you can register your interest here) or if you are still here in October you can become a volunteer for the GC 600 (click here) that is an awesome experience and last year we even got a free ticket so our friends could enjoy the race with us.

Help someone in need. BROWNS student, Maria, joined me last year to help pack food for the poor people in the Philippines. https://www.zambrero.com.au/plate4plate – another one of these events takes place in October.

Maria said, “I was really lucky because Iveta posted about volunteering on the Gold Coast through her Facebook, and I had the chance of seeing and taking part. Back in Brazil I usually do volunteer work because it’s a great opportunity to help others and meet good people. I never thought that I could do something like that in Australia, but it was an wonderful experience, good for my English, but much better as an international and multicultural experience. A girl from Brazil, helping people from the Philippines in Australia. Also it was a fun day, that I could be with other people, the best teacher ever, and feel a unique energy. One of my best days, and memories in Australia with no doubts.”

“Volunteer work is a wonderful world of good moments and energies, always someone needs some help, and doesn’t cost anything.”

If you’re interested in volunteering on the Gold Coast, here is a link for current vacancies for all sorts of roles.