Richard and Matthew introduce the BROWNS TV and give an update of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia, the announcement by Qantas on the return of international flights and send a message to all the BROWNS community.


– Welcome to the BROWNS vlog.

– Hey, I’m Matthew White.

– And I’m Richard Brown.

– Welcome to episode one of BROWNS TV.

– What’s it about?

– Good question. It’s a program designed to keep you guys in the know of what’s happening here in the great land of Oz, whether it be news about the borders, about different programs, about the COVID vaccine, we’re here to keep you guys updated, so when we know it, we’re gonna let you know it.

– That’s right. We’re getting a lot of questions coming in from around the world saying, “What’s going on on the ground in Queensland?” And we’re going to try our best to summarize that information, and share that information on a regular basis.

– Great, let’s jump into it. Vaccine rollout.

– We’re one month ahead of schedule. Australia has exceeded their target of starting the commencements of the vaccine rollout in April, one month early, and it started only weeks ago, and it’s been a great success with a lot of community support, and everyone seems to be getting on board. Some people were actually saying “Why can’t we do this faster?”

– Yeah, so the government has provided a rollout on how they plan to give everyone the vaccine. So as you know you need to have two doses to be fully vaccinated. Some of it is being made here in beautiful Australia. We actually have enough vaccine, Richard, to vaccinate every Australian twice.

– Well, I think it’s important to always have some contingency in all of your planning.

– Yeah, so a hundred million doses completely, due to be finished on the 30th of October, starting with frontline workers, and finishing with middle-aged males and children like ourselves.

– So Australia has started the vaccination program. I think there is a lot of questions around why can’t it be done a lot faster. I know the rest of the world, in particular some countries that have had higher infection rates of COVID-19, have taken a more exponential approach to the rollout. Australia has taken a very cautious, slow and steady approach. We’re confident that will be successful, although it may take a little bit longer for the entire Australian population to be vaccinated.

– Yeah, slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes. Maybe. I don’t know.

– No comment.

– But 30th October, 31st of October. Qantas.

– That’s right. They made a big announcement in the last couple of weeks about the flights, international flights, back into Australia will be reopening in October. And that had nothing to do with reassuring their shareholders.

– No, that’s right. Please note the government hasn’t shared this information either. This is coming directly from Qantas Australia’s national airlines. So it’s always best to listen to the Australian government when it comes this type of information.

– And the summary of the government information at the moment is that there’s 40,000 stranded Australians still yet to return to Australia, so they’ve pushed back the reentry date for international travelers to June. And obviously this has happened a couple of times, so it’s not the first time, and we are expecting that date potentially could be extended. However, a lot depends on how the success and efficacy of the vaccination rollout plan will be across the community.

– Yeah, please be rest assured that the BROWNS private jet is just for international students only.

– The Avgas is going in as we speak.

– So, BROWNS, we’re preparing for potential border opening beginning around October to 2022. So we are still maintaining our English For Academic Purposes program and our High School Preparation program , available virtually, here in the BROWNS studio where we are today.

– Yeah, we see it really important to be able to have students, and under the new, I think inflection point, from last year, when obviously COVID, everyone understood this was going to be something that was gonna be around for a while, that students will start their courses online and hopefully continue their courses in Australia, face-to-face in a classroom. So we’ve had a great amount of support from our partners in Queensland, whether they be from the schooling sector, the vocational sector, or the higher education sector, that they’ll recognize BROWNS online programs, which is really cool.

– It really is. So it’s no better time to start thinking about your student’s journey to Australia. Save time, save money, commence your studies now in a very interactive space, such as the BROWNS virtual studio. We’ll continue to maintain some offerings face-to-face, at both Brisbane and Gold Coast campus, and continue with the BROWNS vocational program rollout as well. But that’s all we have time for for episode one.

– Thanks Matt.

– Thank you, Richard. So we’re very happy to give you guys information. Looking forward to episode two. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

– We hope you and your families are healthy and staying safe, and we know this is a really difficult time, but we want to bring something to you from Australia to hopefully cheer up your day and give you some of the positive updates that are taking place here in Queensland, and we hope to see all of you very soon.

– All right, bye for now guys. See you next episode.

– Bye.

– Bye.