Cambridge Exam Preparation in Australia

BROWNS’ Cambridge First Certificate English (FCE) Preparation and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) Preparation courses are designed for international students who want to achieve an internationally recognised Certificate in English language ability. A Cambridge Certificate is a prestigious qualification recognised in most countries as the benchmark test for English language level ability. What’s more, it’s valid for life, so if you are planning to apply for university or looking to work abroad then taking a Cambridge certificate will ensure you stand out from other applicants. Cambridge English exams are recognised by over 25,000 universities, employers and governments around the world.

Read below what BROWNS English Language School students said about the course.

“FCE, First Certificate in English is an exam that allows you to prove that your English level is B2, and helps you to get jobs in many countries. I love speaking English and I chose to get my certificate because I’m planning to move to another country. What we basically do is practice our grammar and speaking, and of course, practice for the exam. I’d say that my favourite thing about the class was the fact that it actually challenges you, and this is crucial if you want to master your English skills. The best advice that I can think of is to learn as many words as possible and synonyms of these ones as well. For example, instead of saying “big”, you can say “colossal” or “huge”. Beatriz

FCE is a preparation course for the Cambridge test. I did this course to be aware and prepare for the exam. During the course, we learnt how to improve our listening, writing, reading, and grammar skills. I really like the course because you can improve your English while you can get preparation specific for the exam. Some advice that I would recommend for future students is to focus on grammar and writing skills in the beginning because reading and listening comes naturally over time.” Raphael.

“I chose FCE because I believed it was the best way to improve my English. In the course, we have many dynamic activities that help us to improve our vocabulary. We learned new expressions, phrasal verbs, and prepositions. This was the part that I liked, and it was new for me. My advice would be to pay attention to the Use of English part. If the person is dedicated to the course, it is possible to get a good score in the exam because the course really prepares you for the exam.” Monique.

Cambridge FCE is an amazing course to take the Cambridge test, which is a good test to get an important lifelong English certificate. We spent three months studying very useful English skills and improving a lot our speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The classes are so dynamic and fun, so we never get bored. I strongly recommend this course, and I would say that the best tips are to try and study every day in your day-to-day life, ask questions and try to practice the most that you can!” Catarina

“The FCE course is a preparation for the Cambridge test which will give you a B2 certificate (Upper Intermediate) for life. I chose to do this course because I thought that would give me a big range of vocabulary and because I wanted the certificate so I could find better jobs when I go back to Brazil. I have nothing to complain about the classes. Tom was the teacher, and he is the best. He always encouraged and motivated us. We had a lot of group activities and dynamic classes. The other thing that I liked is that you will be in the same class for three months, you know each other and make the classes easier. The only advice that I have is to focus on Use of English because I saw that it was hard for everyone and take the course seriously. Enjoy. You will miss this when you finish.” Luiza

FCE is a course that focuses on the Cambridge exam. I decided to do this course because I was interested in the exam and to challenge myself by taking harder lessons. In the course, we learnt about everything, especially different vocabulary. What I liked most was the way of learning in this course and the method of the teacher. Tom was the best teacher I have ever had. If you are looking forward to really learning, I will recommend you start the FCE as soon as possible.” Maria

“I chose to do the Cambridge FCE course to improve my English and to get the Cambridge certificate. What I liked about the course is that Tom was the teacher and he always planned interesting classes, and he was always very funny and friendly. My advice is that you should always arrive on time for the classes otherwise you will be lost.” Nina

FCE is a preparation course for the Cambridge test. We studied a lot of vocabulary and tips to use on the test, for example, every day we practice reading, grammar, and listening., For me, the best part is how Tom explains the words that we don’t know and some games that we play in the last time of the classes. My advice is to practice all phrasal verbs every day and read the news always when possible. I’m so grateful for this opportunity in my life.” Isadora

“FCE is a type of test to check your level of English. I did it because I wanted to test myself to get the best score. I learned a lot about the test and about all types of vocabulary. Besides the long practice tests, I like everything, and the best part was the teacher. Do the practice test for real because they really help, and focus on the class and the expectations.” Pedro

“FCE is a Cambridge exam. I chose it because it is a closed group of students for three months, so there are no students joining every week, because of that the teacher can help you to improve what you have difficulty with. The course is very useful for life, you really learn and there is more conversation than in Intensive General English. In Cambridge classes, I learned the real rules of grammar with Tom (teacher) who is wonderful. When I started the course, many people told me that was formal English, but that’s not true, it’s everyday English and I don’t regret it. I improved a lot and it’s a certificate that you don’t need to renew.” Mirella

What is FCE? Why did you do it?
“FCE is known as Cambridge English and the reason why I took this course is I would like to have got General English more quickly than a normal General English course.”
What do you do in the course?
“Get a lot of knowledge about English.”
What did you like about it?
“The atmosphere of this class was great and the teacher is the best.”
What advice/tips do you have for future students?
“Even if you don’t take the Cambridge exam, you can improve your English quickly.


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