On Tuesday the 6th of October 2015, the EAP 5 class from BROWNS English School visited the campus of Think Education in Brisbane. BROWNS and THINK Education have a pathway agreement in which students can study at BROWNS and then continue their study at THINK Education.

The purpose of this excursion was two-fold; the first was to become familiar with alternative teaching and education methodologies that can be found at higher institutions, the second was to meet, interact and survey students in a domestic educational setting.

Upon entering the campus we made our way to the main floor and were immediately greeted by the Director Warren Walmsley, who proceeded to give us an informative and entertaining tour of the complex, followed subsequently by a short presentation on the company itself and then a Q&A session. The students from our EAP class were inquisitive, engaged and very active in their participation during the trip.

Overall it was a very positive experience, offering beneficial outcomes for all parties involved. We, as a class, certainly appreciated the friendly and helpful environment as well as the possibility of conducting surveys on some of the accommodating students at the college. Here is what the students thought:

“I like Think Education campus because it has amazing site and modern style design inside the building.” (Mohammed Al-Rubaye – Iraq)

“Think Education seems to be a special place to learn and improve students’ skills. The campus provides a comfortable atmosphere to get in touch with modern trades and style, offering high-tech equipment, collaborative spaces and open classrooms, as well as other building facilities, such as a café and breakout zones.” (Iris P. Souza – Brazil)

“Think Education has an very nice studying environment for students such as amazing coffee shop and great digital facilities. And it also gives students a freer learning environment for independent studying.” (Chenguang Lou – China)

“The building of the Think campus is quite impressive, open spaces and classrooms around a bright area in the middle of a three level building.” (Jonas Kiener – Switzerland)

“It was an astonishing experience have the possibility to interact with many different local students who were so helpful and open, making us feel confident. Enriching experience.” (Matteo Villanova – Italy)