Le Cordon Bleu Australia

From BROWNS to Le Cordon Bleu Australia

Written by Mingyeong Jeong

“I heard of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at BROWNS English Language School (BROWNS) because I wanted to go to Le Cordon Bleu Australia. I was a little below the entrance conditions of the Le Cordon Bleu and decided to improve my English through the 10-week EAP course.

We did many varied things in the 10 weeks of my EAP journey. Let me list a few….

The first week, we had a reading test about communication between other cultures.

In the second week, we had a listening test on environmental issues. Thanks to her (the teacher) perfect teaching, almost all students were able to pass the test.

During the third week, there was a speaking test. It was a very burdensome test for us whom were coming from each different country.

During the fourth week there was both a listening and writing test – this was hard!

For the fifth week, there had been a reading test on globalization. This BROWNS curriculum was very good because the school didn’t let us suffer too much from the stress of studying. So I made an appointment with my friends in the fifth week and hung out.

The sixth week was really tough but I passed my exam.

The seventh week was a week of rest for us who worked hard in the sixth week. In the seventh week, we had a simple reading test and then we had a Christmas party. We had a party with delicious food such as pizza and chicken that the school provided. BROWNS English Language School had a special event on Australia’s anniversary. In addition, there were many other fun  free activities after school. After the Christmas party, we went on vacation for 10 days.

After a long vacation, there was a speaking test in the eighth week. The speaking test was a debate, different from the previous presentation test. It was fun to debate about culture shock even though that was the test. I enjoyed it, but my score was not great.

In the ninth week, we had a final writing test. It was writing down problems and solutions to each country’s education system, and there had been many problems in Korea’s education system so I had many things to write about. Thus, I was able to get the highest score from all my writing tests.

In the tenth week, we had a presentation test, but unlike the third week`s one, it was the individual presentation.

At the end of it I was able to pass all the exams. My friends and I encouraged each other about our hard study. I could meet many people of different cultures at BROWNS and what I learned here will help me a lot in my college life. My English has improved greatly, so BROWNS English Language School was an excellent choice for me.”

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