COLLABORATE Week 4: Outside The Box

 STEM based activity in HSP

[ STEM based activity ] 

Yesterday BROWNS  High School Preparation (HSP) students were involved in a STEM based activity where they were challenged to construct and engineer a tower that would withstand an earthquake for 30 seconds. The building materials used in this activity were cubed marshmallows and toothpicks. The mentors guided and advised the students in their consideration of structure, size and stability and how the gravitational effects of an unsteady foundation could affect their towers. More importantly, this tactile lesson activated and encouraged the use of various soft skills (essential skills) such as teamwork, collaboration, negotiation and problem-solving.

About Collaborate: A new mentoring initiative has been launched at our Gold Coast campus where each adult mentor teams up with a small group of 4-5  High School Preparation students aged between 11-17 years. The six-week program will include one-hour weekly peer support group sessions covering various topics designed to help ease the transition to life in Australia, provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students to ask questions, and also a great way to practise English.

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