High School Preparation pathway
Tamia, Mrs Takenaka and Haru at St James College

High School Preparation pathway in Australia.

Hi, my name is Tamia, and I am the Coordinator – International Student Engagement & Marketing at St James College in Brisbane.

What I’d like to say is that BROWNS English Language School (BROWNS) has been a renowned English language centre, providing quality language training, and a long-term and valuable partner of St James College. With a promising year ahead for the international education industry, I cannot express how excited I am to see your return and sincerely look forward to working more closely with you in 2023.

I’d like to share a lovely story of a Japanese student Haru Takenaka. She went to BROWNS English Language School (BROWNS) to study High School Preparation (HSP) and started Year 10 at St James College in 2020. COVID has impacted lots of students in many ways, and Haru was one of them. She suffered from homesickness and loneliness while studying hard under the pressure to enter a Japanese university. With joint effort, Haru did very well graduating from St James College this year and enrolled in a Japanese university successfully (I wrote a recommendation letter to support her university application)! Her family was very relieved and proud of her. I met Haru’s dad when he came and visited at the end of Term 3, 2022 and later Haru’s mum flew over from Japan to attend her Graduation Ceremony. I was thrilled to receive a handwritten letter from Mrs Takenaka. She doesn’t speak much English but tried her best to write me the letter, in which she expressed her gratitude for the support Haru received to complete her studies in Australia. What a touching story!

Below is the letter, and above is a picture of me, Haru and Mrs Takenaka, standing in front of my office.

“Dear Tamia,
Thank you for supporting Haru a lot. Haru left Japan to study abroad at the age of 15. She was lonely and crying in her first school. Haru transferred to BROWNS English Language School and little by little her smile increased and Haru’s English proficiency improved. Our family was very happy to have her enrolled in St James College in Brisbane. Haru met great teachers at this school and was able to finish high school in Australia. Haru told me that she achieved her goal of graduating from high school and that Haru is now happy to study abroad. I am confident that she will be able to overcome whatever difficulties she encounters in her university life. I’m really thankful to you. Appreciate.
Yoko Takenaka.”

BROWNS English Language School‘s (BROWNS) High School Preparation course is suitable for young learners who may be seeking the opportunity to study in an Australian high school. BROWNS also provide regular academic and progress reporting to ensure that students are on track with their learning goals, with regular meetings and feedback to ensure that you are making continual progress.

Successful completion of BROWNS’ High School Preparation program offers a pathway into more than 100 schools in Queensland. Visit https://brownsjuniors.edu.au/schools to find a school.


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