Mayor's Student Ambassador

BROWNS student selected as Mayor’s Student Ambassador

Congratulations to BROWNS graduate, and Year 12 International student, Saya Okakuchi, who has been chosen as a 2019 Mayor’s Student Ambassador. Saya is one of only two high school students being given the opportunity to engage with the local community and make a difference to the City of Gold Coast.

“This year is obviously the most exciting year because I get to be a Cultural Ambassador for Miami and also the Mayor’s Ambassador as an international student, so I’m just excited for the year ahead” Saya explained.

Saya started her journey in 2016 where she participated in the BROWNS Junior Camp program for two weeks on the Gold Coast. Saya said “The summer program was just amazing. It was lifetime, precious memories for me and I was just inspired by the Gold Coast. It’s really beautiful and the people are so nice”.

The following year Saya returned to Australia where she studied the BROWNS High School Preparation program with a pathway into Year 11 at Miami State High School. “It was the most important part (studying at BROWNS). I think BROWNS makes us enjoy English because they not only teach English but also how we can grow ourselves. Actually, I sometimes miss BROWNS and sometimes I think I want to go back to BROWNS because it was such a fullfilling time that I spent.”

Now in Year 12, Saya has been selected as a Miami State High School Cultural Ambassador and a Gold Coast 2019 Mayor’s Student Ambassador.

As a 2019 Mayor’s Student Ambassador, Saya has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to:

  • Represent the student community within Gold Coast City
  • Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself
  • Participate in behind-the-scenes and VIP experiences across the city
  • Manage an allocated budget and other business resources to create and facilitate student led programs and events across the city
  • Participate in professional development workshops
  • Participate in media training and upskill your written, digital and oral communication skills
  • Build professional networks while engaging with media, industry, government representatives, international delegations and the local community
  • Form lifelong friendships with other Gold Coast students from all over the world

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