Homestay, an authentic cultural experience for students.

When you study with BROWNS English Language School you have the opportunity to stay at an approved homestay family in either Brisbane or Gold Coast.

Staying with a homestay family in Brisbane or the Gold Coast is a unique experience that will allow you to have an insight into the city you are travelling to, the family you are staying with, and it will provide you with a glimpse of what it is like to live with a family not your own and experience the diversity that Australia is famous for and appreciate what being ‘Aussie’ is all about. Homestay provides a more authentic and cultural immersion where students can experience day-to-day life by living with locals.  Host families will teach you about their home country and culture, provide you with tips about the town you are staying in and provide you suggestions of things to do and places to visit while you are in Australia. Offering you the opportunity for flexibility and living like a local whilst studying.

Our homestay families are well experienced in hosting students from all around the world and will be happy to converse with you.  Students are eager to learn, they can practice their English language skills in a real-life environment, enjoy a home-cooked meal whilst in a safe and supportive home, and even be encouraged and excited by doing the local tourist spots that the families don’t normally do unless they have students or visitors.

Whether students and homestays share their culture through food or discussing each other’s traditions and beliefs during their stays, you’ll learn something new every day, and by getting to know your homestay family, students can make new close friends and create happy travel memories that will last a lifetime. Your homestay will be a real home away from home and somewhere that you will feel comfortable, happy and safe during your time at BROWNS English Language School.

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