Success in the IELTS exam is one of the biggest moments in life for many people. Doing the exam without doing a test preparation course is a huge gamble, and a decision made from a point of weakness. It can be likened to the “all in” moment in a poker game when a player decides they have too few chips to stay in longer but they have a great hand. It is at that time that reality sets in. Either this is the hand that changes life for the better, or this is the time that you head home with nothing. The implications of a loss can mean personal struggle, less income, and lost opportunities for higher education or even permanent residency.dont-gamble-ielts

Why gamble with such a life changing event when an IELTS Exam Preparation Course can really shift the odds in your favour? It is so important to be familiar with all four parts of the exam. Knowledge of structure, strategy and the timing of all four tests, including Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening, is absolutely essential for success – especially when you consider that the average native English speaker would struggle to get a 6.5. There is no doubt that beyond learning English there are other realms of IELTS knowledge which, however dry and boring, must be explored and conquered.

Unfortunately, as we all know, there are no fireworks going off in an IELTS classroom. Any explosions are internal, and stupefying. The material is difficult and it can be a struggle to stay motivated without validation during the length of IELTS Preparation Training; yet teachers encourage you to keep your goal in sight and reassure you that you are making good progress.

Preparation for the test continues outside the classroom. Quite often, students have one particular skill that needs strengthening. Experienced IELTS teachers have valuable tips which are tried and proven by previous students to be effective in accelerating this process, and also to facilitate success on the day. Over the next 4 weeks, TIPS and strategies for each of the 4 skills tested in IELTS will be detailed in this blog.