Student Testimonial
My name is Gagan Sran, I am from India, talking about IELTS… I think it’s a nightmare for everyone however it is a necessity for individuals if they are dreaming of enrolling to great universities or for immigration purpose, but it became really easy for me since I joined Gary’s IELTS class, at the beginning I was so frustrated as I didn’t know how to start and where to start, there are so many specific rules to meet the IELTS requirement. After Gary’s systematic and profound pedagogical approaches, I performed well. The amazing thing about Gary’s class is you never feel bored and you enjoy while studying as Gary’s way of teaching is different and amazing. Every week is different but consistent, I learned a lot in the class not just about IELTS but much about everyday English as well. Thank you Gary (IELTS head teacher at BROWNS), thank you Browns.

Gagan Sran