My name is Nguyen Khanh Phung, I am from Vietnam.

I would like to extend my great thanks to my IELTS teacher at Browns English School. After several weeks attending the IELTS preparation class, I have improved dramatically, especially in reading and writing sections. With special methods in teaching and unique strategies have been provided from my teacher, the IELTS class helped me to write and read better. I started to understand as to how to construct an essay appropriately for IELTS, be it argument, report or argument and report combined styles.

It was a great experience preparing for the exam. My teacher tries to accommodate the individual requirements of each student, tailoring lesson to accommodate both low, moderate and high-level students.
It is agreed that IELTS is a boring test, especially those tedious techniques, however, everyone in the class learns huge  amount of techniques and vocabularies while enjoying his humor.

After a few weeks, I obtained a 7 overall, with writing 7, reading 7, speaking 7 and listening 6. I received the result as I expected.

Thank you for your great work Browns.