IELTS Performance at BROWNS English Language School

IELTS Performance at BROWNS English Language School

Hi all!
As the start of the second semester at most educational institutions is upon us, it is time to give you all an update on the continuing excellent performance of BROWNS, Gold Coast IELTS candidates.

Opportunities to prepare for IELTS at BROWNS.

The results our candidates have been achieving has been impressive. For example, around 70% of our candidates who have sat the official exam (i.e. not the Monday Mock tests) this year, have received overall 7.0 or above. To put this into perspective, a band 7.0 is considered to be an advanced level. In addition, 90% of our students are an upper-intermediate level or higher after 7 – 10 weeks of preparation (on average).

How do we compare with the rest of the world, though?

  Listening Reading Writing Speaking Overall
Academic (World-wide*) 6.15 6.05 5.55 5.85 5.95


  Listening Reading Writing Speaking Overall
BROWNS GC Candidates 7.2 7.6 6.2 6.75 7.0


As you can see, our students do very well compared to the world-wide average.

Some successful candidates:

As you have probably seen from our blog, a number of students did exceptionally well. However, they have not been the only ones who have been successful in their goals so far this year.

Jacky Chan (Hong Kong) Overall 6.5. No, not the world-renowned Kung Fu actor! Jacky was an extremely hard worker who always gave it his all. Jacky has been accepted into QUT and will commence his studies this semester.

Pablo (Spain) Overall 6.5. Pablo only required 5.5 to enter TAFE. He lacked confidence in his skills, but he surprised himself and exceeded his expectations. He even got 7.5 for reading.

Steve (Peru) Overall 7.0. Steve needed 7.0 overall to enter university in the USA. He is now studying for a master’s degree in San Francisco. Steve’s first scores were around 5.0 but after 10 weeks was ready to take his test and got his desired scores.

Justine Challande (Switzerland) Overall 7.5. Justine was genuinely a lot of fun in class. She played with paper airplanes, her phone, and did minimal homework. Naturally, she did exceedingly well on her test – so she did pay attention after all! She has been accepted into the university of her choice and will study Project Management.

She Yuxuan, aka Sherry, aka Cher (China) Overall 7.5. She, who went by the alias of Sherry, has been accepted into a Law course at the University of Sydney. I now have my own lawyer – once Sherry graduates.

BROWNS’ IELTS candidates do extremely well individually as well as a whole group.

Congratulations to all BROWNS  IELTS candidates on your hard work through the first semester this year!


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See you later!

Lee (Gold Coast IELTS Exam Preparation teacher)

* Average based on female and male scores from 2016 (most recent data). Females on average scored 0.1 than males in each category. Full details can be seen at: