IELTS Success Story – Pavlina from Czech Republic

Before I started the BROWNS IELTS Exam Preparation Course I didn’t even know what the test consisted of. In only four weeks of the course, I improved my skills significantly and got ready for the big test day. I got a great score (overall 8.0) which opens the door to many job opportunities worldwide. The teacher, Lee, is a lovely guy who always takes time to help and consult. He is strict, efficient and teaches various test methods and strategies so everyone can find a suitable way to deal with the test tasks. What I found really helpful were the Monday’s – Mock Test Days, when you can try the full IELTS test, get a score and monitor your progress. It is an effective way to practice not only all parts of the test but also how to deals with the stress and pressure. It is very intense and useful course which I strongly recommend to anyone who needs to boost their IELTS score.

Pavlina from Czech Republic

Gold Coast Campus