30 Plus English Classes

Intensive General English  (CRICOS Course Code: 076222B)
An all-time favourite course is now even better with the option of 30+ classes. From 2nd July 2018, our Intensive General English program will offer specialised classes for students aged 30 and over.

Key Benefits:
• Tailored Intensive General English classes for students aged 30 and over*
• Study with students of a similar age and maturity
• Be in classes/excursions outdoors when appropriate
• Learn topics that are more relevant to age and maturity
• 20 hours in-class and 5 hours Accelerate and homework review
• Daily coursebook-based core lessons followed by afternoon Active8 skill and system based lessons
• Access to a variety of teachers and teaching styles
• Weekly revision tests and structured teacher feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is IGE 30+ class?
30+ class follows the BROWNS Intensive General English curriculum, but is a tailormade class for students over the age of 30. The topics and activities are age-relevant to suit the students’ skills, background and needs better.

When can I join 30+ class? 
The 30+ classes will commence on 2 July 2018.

When do IGE 30+ classes start? 
Every Monday excluding public holidays and school closure periods.

What levels is IGE 30+ class available? 
Currently we offer Pre-intermediate and higher

Do I need to do a BROWNS Online Placement Test beforehand? 
BROWNS recommends you to do the BROWNS Online Placement Test (BOPT) prior to course commencement. If you choose not to take the BOPT and on arrival to BROWNS your English proficiency is lower than Pre-Intermediate, you will be placed into our regular Intensive General English (all ages) class until you reach the entry level for our 30+ class.

How about Active8? 
Active8 classes focus on each language skill or system individually to provide further opportunity for students to improve. Students can choose different themes, based on their proficiency and study goals. Some of these Active8 classes may not be age-specific.

I’m over 30, but would like to join an all ages class. Is it possible? 
Yes. On your application, please select Intensive General English.

How do I apply for the 30+ class?
On your application, please select Intensive General English (30+ class) or on arrival to BROWNS, please let our Director of Studies know.

I am enrolled in the Intensive General English program and would like to join the 30+ classes. Is there any extra charge to change?
No extra charge to change into this class.