Intensive General English Themed Active8

(CRICOS Course Code:076222B)

Your study outcomes will soon determine your Intensive General English Active8 subjects with our new Themed Active8 lessons.

What’s changing?

  • Only Active8 classes will be changing (afternoon skills classes)
  • From July 2018 we will be introducing Themed Active8 lessons
  • When new students arrive at BROWNS on their first day, a personalised study plan will allow them to be placed in one of or even a mix of the following Themed Active8 classes*:
  • AUSSIE (available for all English levels) – focuses on Australian culture, everyday communication including local excursions
  • ACADEMIC (available for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate) – taster for full courses
  • BUSINESS/HOSPITALITY (Available for Upper Intermediate and Advanced) – focuses on language and soft skills for workforce in Australia and globally.
  • Functional will be moved to Monday afternoon and Pronunciation will be Thursday afternoon

* Stream is subject to availability and capacity.

What’s staying the same?

  • CORE/Morning classes will remain the same. Morning classes use a textbook and build your CORE skills.
  • Students are placed into different Active8 classes depending on their level for each skill (see sample timetable)
  • IGE students will be placed onto one of our three Schedules


Juan arrives at BROWNS and takes the BROWNS Online Placement Test.
Here are his results:

ACTIVE8 Skills Class English Proficiency 
Functional Pre-Intermediate
Vocabulary & Reading Pre-Intermediate
Writing Intermediate
Grammar Upper Intermediate
Pronunciation Upper Intermediate
Listening & Speaking Intermediate


We don’t want to place Juan in Intermediate for all his classes therefore in the afternoon Juan will go into a different class according to his level.

For each of these skills classes, Juan can choose an Active8 Theme.
– For his Pre-Intermediate classes he can choose from Aussie or Academic*
– For his Intermediate classes he can choose from Aussie or Academic*
– For his Upper-Intermediate classes he can choose from Aussie or Business/Hospitality*

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