BROWNS Junior Camp – Week 2 – Gold Coast

BROWNS Junior Camp – Week 2 – Gold Coast

Written by Gianluca Gliatta (Lead Junior Camp teacher)


Week 2 means more fun! Since Monday, students from Japan, Italy and Korea joined the group. The Q1 Tower excursion was an amazing way to welcome them to the Gold Coast. After getting to know each other, they experimented playing and modeling cooking dough (yummy!) and were able to use cooking terminology as well as measurements. Learning about so many different animals in class and then seeing them playing outdoors at Paradise Country has been fantastic for all of them. By playing lawn bowls, they also got the chance to improve their sports vocabulary and play some sports as well. A study-abroad experience isn’t complete without a student party at the end of it! On Friday they were all busy partying, having fun and eating, also playing a game guessing famous people (yep, Celebrity Heads hit again).

And last (but definitely not least) a mesmerizing trip to  Sea World wrapped up our Week 2, where students enjoyed themselves watching a dolphin show, riding roller coasters, petting stingrays and much more!

All in all, nothing to complain about.

So, are you all ready?

Week 3, bring it on!

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