BROWNS Holiday English Program in Gold Coast
BROWNS Holiday English Program in Gold Coast

The Holiday English Program has come to the final week. In Week 6, we covered the music, animals, indigenous culture in Australia as well as discussed about friendships and making plans in classes. At the end of the program, we celebrated our achievements, friendships and created unforgettable memories together at Paradise Country. Join us next year, and enjoy more fun things in Australia!

Monday 21.08.2023- Music
The sixth and last week of our Junior Program started with a perfect topic: music. Students learnt about music vocabulary, discussed about bands, groups and artists. After doing some activities, students created their own album cover and listened to two different songs. They also learnt about lyrics and instruments as well as musicians. In the afternoon, they had a good time with their classmates playing Mario Kart and dancing with Just Dance. It was a great opportunity for them to relax and enjoy some music.

Tuesday 22.08.2023- Animals
On Tuesday, the topic was “Animals”, so students studied about different animals and wild ones that we have here in Australia. They learnt about Kangaroos, Koalas, Red pandas and Emus, for example. After doing some activities, they played a very interesting quiz about Australia and its animals. After class, it was time to do something very different. So, students went to Surfers Paradise and enjoyed an afternoon on the Aqua Duck visiting different places around Gold Coast.

Wednesday 23.08.23- Indigenous Culture
On the third day of the week students learnt about Indigenous culture and vocabulary related to Indigenous art. They learnt about dot painting and different aspects about aboriginal history. At the end of the class, they created indigenous boomerangs. In the afternoon, they had the chance to create their own mug. Using their creativity, they painted mugs with their classmates.

Thursday 24.08.23- Friends and Making Plans
Thursday was really interesting because the topic was “Friends and making plans”, so students had the chance to plan their future trips. They learnt about holidays, free time activities and future tenses, like simple future and going to.
In the afternoon they had an amazing time with their classmates playing Arcade games in Surfers Paradise. It was a great opportunity for them to have some time outside having fun.

Friday 25.08.23- Celebration
Friday was the last day of the program at school, so it was an amazing day. Student had the chance to learn more about celebrations and to actually celebrate this incredible experience of being here in Australia learning English and sharing a good time with their classmates. In the afternoon, they participated of a big party inside the school to celebrate the success of the Junior Program this year. They danced, sang and ate many different snacks from Australia, too.

Saturday 26.08.23- Paradise Country
In a fitting finale to our six-week Junior Holiday Program, our students embarked on one final memorable excursion to Paradise Country. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and the company of kangaroos and koalas, they immersed themselves in the unique Aussie experience. As the excursion came to an end, our students said their goodbyes, leaving with cherished memories and lifelong friendships, marking the perfect conclusion to their six-week journey on the Gold Coast.

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