whale watching

Welcome to the recap of BROWNS English Language School‘s Gold Coast Junior Holiday Program, now stepping into its fifth week of engaging and enlightening experiences. As we journey through this dynamic week, we delve into a rich tapestry of activities that have brought our young participants closer to diverse cultures, new skills, and unforgettable moments. Join us as we unpack the highlights of this week’s endeavors, leaving a trail of cherished memories and valuable lessons in our wake.

Monday, 14th August 2023
During our start of the day, we engaged in conversations about our leisure interests and hobbies. The students’ customary pastimes from their home countries vary from the experiences here. It’s wonderful to witness them enjoying trips to the beach, parks, and spending time with newfound friends and host families. In the afternoon, lively games of table tennis and others took place.

Tuesday, 15th August 2023
The focus of Tuesday centered on weather discussions. We explored activities tailored to different seasons and introduced students to new vocabulary for describing climates. Environmental awareness was also a highlight, emphasizing the significance of safeguarding our planet. Collaboratively, groups presented on environmental concerns, proposing measures to minimize global impact.

Wednesday, 16th August 2023
Wednesday brought one of the students’ favourite subjects to the forefront: food. We delved into the realm of traditional cuisine from diverse nations and mastered the art of employing adjectives for flavourful descriptions. Equipping students with restaurant communication skills, including polite ordering and essential expressions, was another accomplishment. After viewing instructional videos, pairs generated their own restaurant dialogues.

Thursday, 17th August 2023
Thursday was a day of amusement as we turned our attention to holidays and travel. Proficiency in using the present perfect tense to recount personal experiences was achieved, with groups structuring narratives and crafting anecdotes from their journeys. In a creative twist, each team was assigned an Australian city to craft a promotional travel package video. These videos impressed with their visual, vocal, and graphical elements. Later, laser tag added excitement to the day, followed by a visit to the souvenir store.

Friday, 18th August 2023
Anticipating the Saturday whale watching activity, Friday’s discussions revolved around these majestic creatures: whales. Students garnered intriguing facts about whales and grasped the urgency of their conservation. The production of informative posters detailing various whale species kindled enthusiasm for the upcoming whale watching event.

Saturday, 19th August 2023
Saturday was an eagerly awaited day as our Gold Coast adventure led us to the mesmerizing world of whale watching. The anticipation was palpable as we embarked on a journey to witness these magnificent marine creatures in their natural habitat. The shimmering expanse of the ocean provided the backdrop for an unforgettable spectacle as we marveled at the graceful movements and sheer size of the whales. Our hearts raced with excitement as we spotted breaches, tail flukes, and spouts, each sighting contributing to the awe-inspiring tapestry of the day. This remarkable experience not only deepened our appreciation for the ocean’s wonders but also reinforced the importance of preserving these majestic beings for generations to come.

As we conclude this exciting journey through Week 5 of the Gold Coast Junior Holiday Program, we warmly extend an invitation to join us again next week. Our adventure is nearing its end, and we’re eager to share the highlights of our final week together. We hope you’ll return to enjoy the last chapter of our program, filled with learning, friendship, and memorable moments. Thank you for being part of our journey so far, and we can’t wait to welcome you back for the grand finale!

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