English language program for kids

English Language Program for kids: BROWNS’ Junior Holiday Program (Gold Coast)

Monday – 12/02/2024
This blog post marks the conclusion of our fantastic fourth and final week of the BROWNS Junior Holiday Program for January and February 2024. Throughout the past four weeks, young learners have embarked on a journey of language exploration, cultural discovery, and exciting adventures.

Tuesday – 13/02/2024
On Tuesday, we learned about the different animals and a lot of new vocabulary. We learned about Australian animals and the typical animals of our countries. Additionally, we saw some documentary videos and did some worksheets about animals. Lastly, we created a poster talking about our favourite animals and their characteristics. Later that day, we enjoyed a game of mini golf.

Wednesday – 14/02/2024
Wednesday’s lesson was about Australian Aboriginals, their art, and culture, and we learned about the creation stories. In the afternoon, the students painted boomerangs following the indigenous ways using dot painting. 

Thursday – 15/02/2024
As we had already learned about Aussie animals on Tuesday, we asked the students if there was any topic they were interested in. We ended up having a cultural lesson. We shared our countries’ cultures and some of its history (art, music, food, architecture, famous cartoons, etc) then the students created a poster. 
On Thursday afternoon we went to the Hijinx arcade where the kids had a great time. They always enjoy going to the arcade. 

Friday – 16/02/2024
On this day we talked about social media, and learned a little about the most common apps and useful vocabulary. Then we asked the students to choose their favourite app and create a poster about it. On the poster, the students needed to answer simple questions such as: What is the name of the app, what do I use it for, how much do I use it, is it useful, etc. After that, we had some time left so we held a talent show contest where the students explained their talent and then showed it to the class. That afternoon we had a movie day with snacks.

Saturday – 17/02/2024
The kids were really excited about this day trip, it was a hot sunny day. When we got to Paradise Country, all of us walked around together for a while, just checking out the surroundings and watching the animals. We watched the different shows the park provides. They demonstrated whip cracking and explained what it is used for. They taught us about boomerangs and introduced the farm dog, a border collie, demonstrating her shepherding skills. Then we moved on to the bonfire where they showed us how to make tea. Then they provided everyone with billy tea and damper. After the show, we walked around, had some lunch, and kept exploring. The students loved the animals and had fun in the playground.  

This brings us to the end of BROWNS‘ January and February Junior Holiday Program. We are looking forward to welcoming a new group of students later this year in March and also July-August. To find out more, visit https://brownsenglish.edu.au/english-courses/junior-program

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