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This March, a group of eager young learners embarked on a one-week adventure at BROWNS English Language School‘s Brisbane Junior Holiday Program. Combining engaging English lessons with exciting activities and excursions, the program offered students a unique opportunity to learn about Australian culture, build friendships, and gain valuable English skills they’ll use for life.

Monday 25.03.24 
On the first day of our Brisbane Junior Holiday Program, students were able to introduce themselves, get to know each other, they learned about animals and in the second half of the class they learned specifically about animals in Australia. Students played interactive games that stimulated their communication. The class had interaction between students who were able to take the opportunity to get to know each other.  

During the afternoon we played trivia games, and the students were able to compete with their skills in class, divided into two groups. Finally, they drew, painted and wrote a summary about Australia’s animals, they drew a kangaroo with the Australian flag. 

Tuesday 26.03.24 
Today students practiced their knowledge related to routines and daily activities. They were able to talk about their routines, what they like to do in their free time and ask each other about the target topic. With the vocabulary, they were encouraged to practice Present simple grammar. 

We talked about places to visit in the city, where to go in Brisbane and places in Australia for sightseeing. We listed museums, parks, places like open-air cinema and places to socialize with friends and play sports.  

That afternoon we took a trip to the Queensland Museum in South Bank. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the activity that went beyond the English language learning; students were able to learn more about Australian animals, insects and dinosaurs.  

Wednesday 27.03.24 
Today the students were able to study sports, exercises, games and activities. At the beginning of the day, they interacted with other students and interviewed them and we played interactive games in the classroom to talk about sports. 

Students were able to practice their grammatical knowledge with the verbs go, play and do, and know which ones to use when talking about sports and exercise. At the end of the day, students played games that encouraged competition and group work, such as treasure hunts and dominoes. 

During the afternoon we went to Funhouse Brisbane, the students went enthusiastically and had fun together, they were able to share many moments playing all types of games, like bowling, basketball and pinball. They could capture good times together. 

Thursday 28.03.24 
As planned, the theme of the day was Shopping, students were encouraged to ask and discuss the topic, this stimulated their vocabulary, and they were able to question each other about products, types of shops, and shopping experiences, among others. 

As it was Easter, the students also talked and debated about Easter. We discussed the topic and everyone got involved talking about their impressions of the celebration and the symbols of Easter, such as the rabbit and chocolates. 

During the afternoon the students were explained about Saturday’s activity, then they all received chocolate eggs for the Easter celebration and finally, we all went to Queen Street Mall. The students went to the souvenir store and then to Starbucks. Finally, we went to the front of City Hall and took photos to record the end of the day before returning home. 

Friday 29.03.24
National Public Holiday. 

Saturday 30.03.24
Students gathered together on Saturday to travel down to the Gold Coast to enjoy the thrilling rides, and meet some Australian animals at Dreamworld. They travelled down ‘Rivertown’ to Tiger Island. It was a fun-packed day for all!

Students left with a newfound confidence in their English abilities, a deeper appreciation for Australian culture, and lots of unforgettable memories. We can’t wait to welcome a new group of enthusiastic learners for our July-August Junior Holiday Program, where adventures await in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Melbourne.

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