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This March, a group of eager young learners embarked on a one-week adventure at BROWNS English Language School‘s Gold Coast Junior Holiday Program. Combining engaging English lessons with exciting activities and excursions, the program offered students a unique opportunity to learn about Australian culture, build friendships, and gain valuable English skills they’ll use for life.

Monday 25/03/2024
Students were warmly welcomed by BROWNS English Language School staff when they arrived. Following this, they were introduced to the program schedule and had a tour of their campus.

On the first day, students learned about Australian culture, geography, and history. After introducing themselves to their new classmates and the teacher, they began studying Australian animals and wildlife, states, significant landmarks, cities, and the history of this beautiful country. During their English studies, students also focused on vocabulary related to animals and wildlife, adjectives, and different verb tenses. As part of this idea, students produced a map of Australia, painting the states and drawing important landmarks and animals.

During the afternoon activities, students engaged in trivia and other quiz games to assess their knowledge acquired during classes. Concurrently, they had the opportunity to practise their speaking skills by conversing with classmates and building bonds.

Tuesday 26/03/24 
On Tuesday morning, the class switched gears to focus on sports. Students explored different aspects, like learning new words, phrases, and sayings related to various sports such as Football, Baseball, and Skiing. They also got to know some popular sports in Australia, like “Footy” (Football) and its rules.

In the afternoon, the plan was to head to the park for outdoor sports, however with the rainy weather, we had to change our plans. Instead, we brought the fun indoors. Students were split into groups and took turns playing games like Chess, Uno, Twister, and Nintendo Switch. It was a great way to make the most of the day despite the weather.

Wednesday 27/03/2024
The day began with a speaking activity focused on students’ daily routines. They learned about daily activities, leisure time, and adverbs of frequency. Consequently, they were able to practice the language in a more engaging manner, sharing their experiences in Australia with their classmates.

During the second part, students engaged in different games such as explaining words, describing pictures, and mimicking. Through these activities, they gained further insight into the Aboriginal culture and its significance within Australian culture and history. That afternoon, students discussed films and improved their listening skills by watching an English-language film.

Thursday 28/03/2024
On the fourth day of the program, students had the opportunity to enjoy Easter at BROWNS. They engaged in different activities such as an Easter egg hunt, created a Happy Easter card to present to one of their classmates or staff members, played games with students around the campus, and signed their classmates’ shirts and certificates.

On Thursday, students learned about Tag Questions, different tenses, comparatives and superlatives. They practised these topics with different exercises and engaging games. They were also prized for their results with chocolate and lollies. As it was their last day at school, they took the opportunity to take a lot of photos with their classmates and teacher.

In the afternoon, they went to a shopping centre close to the school, called Australia Fair while practising all the vocabulary they had learned earlier in the classroom. They spent more than two hours exploring shops, speaking to native speakers and buying different products.

Friday 29.03.24
National Public Holiday. 

Saturday 30.03.24
On Saturday, the students were so excited to visit Movie World, the Gold Coast’s iconic theme park. Filled with heart-pounding rollercoasters, captivating shows, and encounters with beloved movie characters, Movie World provided the perfect opportunity to put their English skills to the test in a fun and interactive environment. Whether describing the stomach-dropping experience of the Superman Escape rollercoaster or sharing laughter with friends during the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster ride, students used their English to navigate the park, express their emotions, and create lasting memories.

Students left with a newfound confidence in their English abilities, a deeper appreciation for Australian culture, and lots of unforgettable memories. We can’t wait to welcome a new group of enthusiastic learners for our July-August Junior Holiday Program, where adventures await in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Melbourne.

Learn more: https://brownsenglish.edu.au/english-courses/junior-program

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