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This week in Brisbane, we have welcomed lovely young students from diverse corners of the world, such as South Korea, France, and China! Week 1 of our Junior Holiday Program is truly special as all the students are excited and ready to improve their language skills while making friends.

Monday, 22/01/24 – Today the students learned a lot about Australia and its geography! They created a map of Australia and placed each of the major cities and states on the map! They explored the outback and found out about the first people who lived in Australia, the Aboriginals. They had a fantastic afternoon where they quizzed themselves on all the things they had discovered about Australia in the morning.

Tuesday, 23/01/24 – Tuesday was such a fun day. The students learned and practised classroom language. They did a few exciting activities first, such as writing a script in groups. Their favourite part was playing the role of a teacher and a student, and that was in front of their peers! It was a bit intimidating at first as it was their second day at BROWNS, but they had so much fun listening to their peers ‘role-play. In the afternoon they went to the Brisbane Arcade Games, and they played many games there. What a wonderful day they had!

Wednesday, 24/01/24 – The students were exposed to the vocabulary related to films and movies, from the food and drinks you may eat at the cinema to the different genres of movies there are. They had a blast playing Pictionary, depicting some of the classic animated films for kids while reinforcing their written skills by reimagining the way these stories unfold or adding new elements to them.

In the afternoon they watched a film called “The Boss Baby”! They really enjoyed it, and they also ate popcorn! “Cinema Day” was the perfect way to finish the afternoon.

Thursday, 25/01/24 – In the morning, the students discussed where they live, and the teacher showed them a video about Brisbane. They really liked watching the video and could not wait to do their own project about their own town. They then presented it to their peers and showed them a map of the city that they drew. They really liked that project because it was about the towns where they live.

In the afternoon everyone went bowling and they all really enjoyed learning about a different sport. They were incredibly competitive and really liked bowling the balls.

Friday, 26/01/24 – Australia Day Public holiday 

Saturday, 27/01/24 – Located on the Gold Coast, Dreamworld is Australia’s largest theme park, offering exhilarating rides and attractions. Saturday’s day trip to the theme park was the perfect blend of education and fun, with students coming together to explore the wonders of this renowned theme park. They went on rollercoasters, navigated through the various themed lands, and marveled at the diverse wildlife attractions. Tiger Island, a highlight of the day, allowed our students to witness majestic tigers in action, fostering a deeper appreciation for these endangered species. The Native Wildlife Walkthrough areas provided an immersive experience, where students got up close to iconic Australian animals such as kangaroos, koalas, and wombats. As they strolled through this space, the students not only enjoyed the thrill of the rides but also gained a newfound understanding of Australia’s unique wildlife, making Saturday’s adventure at Dreamworld an enriching and unforgettable experience. As the sun set on Dreamworld, the students returned with smiles on their faces, eagerly sharing stories of their favourite moments from this unforgettable day.

Join us again next week as we share the adventures and memorable moments of the second week in this program. Until then, thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to welcoming you back for more tales from our Junior Holiday Program in Brisbane.

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