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Study Abroad in Brisbane with BROWNS’ Junior Holiday Program

Monday 29/01/2024 – Today the students learned to write a recipe. They got very quickly inspired after watching a video of a Lamington recipe. They were excited when I told them that today’s activity was to make a cake and decorate it! 

In the afternoon the students used the very stylish BROWNS kitchen area where they prepared and decorated a Lamington cake. Of course, the best bit was eating it.

Tuesday 30/01/2024 – Today the students learned about cities in the world with their landmarks and attractions. They talked about their favourite attractions in their own country. They discussed their liking for some cities and contrasted life in the city versus life in the countryside. After much debate, students wrote about what makes a city interesting.  

On a seasonally stormy afternoon the intrepid students and their chaperones headed out for a sightseeing extravaganza aboard the Wheel of Brisbane at South Bank. The group enjoyed spectacular views of the Brisbane river, South Bank and the city.

Wednesday 31/01/2024 – Today students learned about Australian Indigenous people. They read about their culture, where they live and what happened when the English fleet arrived in Australia for the first time. Students loved learning about the different Indigenous tribes, the weapons they create, and the different musical instruments they play. 

In the afternoon students recreated the Aboriginal art by doing dot painting on some wooden stencils. They really enjoyed using different colours. 

Thursday 01/02/2024 – As we near the end of the week, Thursday was a day filled with both language learning and an afternoon physical activity. Following their English lessons, students headed out for a fun-packed afternoon in the city at Strike Indoor ‘Fluro’ Bowling. Everyone enjoyed lively music and challenged themselves with their bowling skills. The students teamed up and had a super time learning to knock down the bowling pins and keeping score.

Friday 02/02/2024 – Today students talked about friendship. They discussed hobbies and places they like to hang out with their friends. They particularly loved that topic as they talked about themselves and their own lives back in their own country. 

In the afternoon students went to Roma Street Parkland for a picnic. It was a beautiful day and the students found a nice spot in the shade to enjoy their picnic. 

Saturday 03/02/2024 – Students gathered together on a warm Brisbane morning, for a fun-packed day at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Everyone was excited about the possibility of seeing and holding a Koala. Amongst the activities for the day, students learned about native Australian birds, and other indigenous Australian animals such as the wombat, wallabies and kangaroos. The students were thrilled to be able to see the koalas in the afternoon. 

We invite you to stay tuned and return next week to read the Week 3 blog post. There’s so much more to discover, new friendships to forge, and exciting experiences to share. See you next week for another fantastic chapter in this language-learning adventure in Brisbane, Australia.

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