English immersion

Junior Holiday Program: English Immersion Adventure on the Gold Coast, Australia

Monday 29/01/24 – We kicked off the week by warmly welcoming new students into the second week of Gold Coast’s Junior Holiday Program. During the morning classes, the topic was music and the students learned new vocabulary, practiced listening, and also presented traditional music from their countries. The afternoon brought them together over video games, fostering new friendships and connections.

Tuesday 30/01/24 – Tuesday was time to talk about technology and think about how the world has changed due to this invention. Engaging in lively discussions, the students collaborated on ideas for a mobile app. Following this, they had an unforgettable Australian wildlife encounter with Wild Rangers, bravely handling snakes and crocodiles, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Wednesday 31/01/24 – We love movies and we can learn a lot from them. Movie day allowed our students to immerse themselves in English language learning by watching a full movie in English after studying vocabulary and grammar related to film earlier that day. They had fun sharing their opinion and stories about movies they like. 

Thursday 01/02/24 – Thursday was shopping day! Before going to the mall and exploring Australian shops, the students discussed money and learned new expressions to help them be more confident speaking English at the shops. The teacher was proud to hear them asking for prices or specific products in the stores. We finished our day drinking bubble tea together, confidently ordering it themselves. 

Friday 02/02/24 – Friday was time to talk about our hometowns, and while the students confessed to not being homesick, they did get really excited to share more information about their places and cultures. After learning new adjectives to describe places and also comparing them using English grammar, the students created a poster with pictures and interesting information about their cities. In the afternoon they had fun playing games in the park and on the water playground. It was a great way to spend a warm day on the Gold Coast. 

Saturday 03/02/24 – Saturday was an amazing and remarkable day! At Sea World, the students saw many different species of sea animals and even had the chance to touch and feed stingrays. Apart from seeing adorable animals, their favourite attraction was the Pirate Boat Water Fight. They got completely wet but laughed and enjoyed a lot.  

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