Junior Holiday Program in Melbourne

Welcome to the week 2 recap of BROWNS English Language School‘s Junior Holiday Program in Melbourne, Australia.

Monday 29/01/24 – On Monday morning, we met the newcomers and did some activities which helped us all get to know each other. Following this, we studied Australian Geography, learning about the states and major cities. Later that day, we followed a recipe to make delicious mug cakes and also played a few board games.

Tuesday 30/01/24 – Tuesday commenced with a focus on essential classroom language. Students reviewed vocabulary related to school subjects, classroom equipment, and supplies. In the second session, we talked about movies, discussed favourite genres, and asked about each other’s preferences. As for the afternoon activity, we played Glow Golf. All the students did it for the first time and really enjoyed the game.

Wednesday 31/01/24 – Our focus on Wednesday centered around the captivating world of animals, with special attention given to Australia’s unique wildlife. In pairs, students had to choose one of the most popular animals (kangaroo, koala, emu, dingo) and work on a small project. Then we played the game “Who am I?” to practise the names of animals. After the classes finished, the students visited the Wurrdha Marra exhibition in The Ian Potter Gallery and learned about Aboriginal Art.

Thursday 01/02/24 – We started the morning by focusing on nature and wildlife. The students worked on vocabulary of landscapes, animals, and natural disasters. Additionally, they watched a short video “What a Wonderful World” and had to complete the poem from that video. In the second session, the students had a chance to learn some vocabulary about shopping, including clothes, and types of shops. It matched well with the afternoon activity because we went to the Queen Victoria Market where everyone bought a lot of souvenirs.

Friday 02/02/24 – On Friday, we spent most of the morning revising and learning Travelling, Transport, and Giving Directions vocabulary. To practice the phrases, the learners played a game in teams, in which they had to give directions to their classmates and find the object in the class. When the lessons were finished, we went to Flagstaff Gardens and played outdoor games. 

Saturday 03/02/24 – Saturday, we spent the day at Sea Life Melbourne. The students had a chance to see many different species of sea animals. They especially enjoyed seeing a huge crocodile and absolutely loved looking at jellyfish. Their excitement peaked during the penguin feeding session, which everyone found very funny. We also watched an animated film about the penguins in the Sea Life cinema. After the excursion, we had lunch in a park and went for a walk around Yarra River. It was a lovely day.

We invite you to stay tuned and return next week to read the Week 3 blog post. There’s so much more to discover, new friendships to forge, and exciting experiences to share. See you next week for another fantastic chapter in this language-learning adventure in Melbourne, Australia.

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