Holiday program

Welcome to Week 3 of Gold Coast‘s Junior Holiday Program. Keep reading as we recount the highlights of our unforgettable trip to Dreamworld and the enriching educational experiences our students enjoyed along the way.

Monday 05/02/24 – Monday was a blast. We welcomed new friends and learned how to talk about our hobbies. In the afternoon, we played board games, laughing and learning together. It was awesome having new faces join our fun!

Tuesday 06/02/24 – On Tuesday we explored sports from around the world, learning about different games and actions. In the afternoon, we hit the tennis courts for some friendly matches, improving our skills and having a blast. It was a day filled with energy, excitement, and sportsmanship!

Wednesday 07/02/24 – On Wednesday our class was based on the topic of cities and communities worldwide, discussing their diverse cultures and traditions. Later, we put on our chef hats and ventured into the kitchen to make mug cakes. It was a day of exploration, learning, and delicious indulgence for all our international kids.

Thursday 08/02/24 – Thursday was an exciting day! We learned about different types of transport and practiced giving directions in English. In the afternoon, we headed to the Q1 SkyPoint on the Gold Coast. From up high, we enjoyed breathtaking views and tested our direction skills.

Friday 09/02/24 – On Friday we explored holidays from around the world, sharing traditions and stories. Later, we tapped into our creativity and crafted postcards for friends. In the afternoon, we embarked on a thrilling scavenger hunt in the park, working together to complete challenges. It was a day of learning, laughter, and outdoor adventure!

Saturday 10/02/24 – Saturday was an unforgettable day as we journeyed to Dreamworld. Thrilling rides, captivating shows, and interactive exhibits made for an exhilarating experience. From heart-pounding roller coasters to cuddly koalas, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

We invite you to stay tuned and return next week to read the Week 4 blog post. There’s so much more to discover, new friendships to forge, and exciting experiences to share. See you next week for another fantastic chapter in this language-learning adventure on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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