Melbourne's Junior Holiday Program Takes on Luna Park

Week 3: Melbourne’s Junior Holiday Program Takes on Luna Park

Monday 05.02.2024 – Vegemite. Avocado. Tim Tam. Sounds familiar? It was finally time to get to know Australian food! We also talked about cooking and, to be honest, felt hungry the whole day. In the morning, we learned cooking vocabulary, mostly focusing on verbs and kitchen equipment. In the second session, students had to write down a recipe of a famous meal from their national cuisine. After the lunch break, the learners made classic Australian toast with Vegemite. Delicious! (Is it? Some students were not sure about that).

Tuesday 06.02.2024 – On Tuesday we had lessons in the morning and after our classes we did fun activities. Study, eat, play, repeat. That was exactly what we talked about today – daily routine! Students had a lot of activities in pairs, in which they had to tell each other about their ordinary days and habits. After the classes, students had a fun time playing tenpin bowling. Oh, they love competing! This time we had two winners. One was, obviously…. The teacher. But in the second round one of the students showed his best and didn’t give any chance to others to win.

Wednesday 07.02.2024 – Money, money, money… It was funny! We learned each other countries’ currencies, studied a lot of new verbs about money, and then practiced them by playing games.  Later we played board games. We started with UNO which is the students’ favourite game. We never miss a chance to play it! Then we checked our skills at Jenga. At the end of the day, we switched into “Sherlock Holmes” mode and played Cluedo. 

Thursday 08.02.2024 – Home Sweet Home. Most students don’t feel homesick, but it was nice to warm our hearts by remembering our native towns and cities on Thursday. We started with some vocabulary about the city. Then every student created a small presentation about their cities, told us about the location, history, population, and everything they love about that place. We finished this cozy day by watching the nicest, kindest, and funniest film you could possibly imagine. I am talking about Matilda (1996) by Denny DeVito. After watching, our learners discussed the film, and checked their understanding by completing a worksheet. It was a great day.

Friday 09.02.2024 – Yarra River, National Gallery of Victoria & Lune Croissants. So much to see, to do, and to try in Melbourne! Right after talking about their cities on Thursday, it was time to learn more about Melbourne and to check what else was still left to tick off their travel lists. Students watched a video about the city and worked on small projects about one of the most famous Melbourne attractions. In the afternoon, we went to the park for a picnic, had delicious pizza, played games and, as always had a lot of fun!

P.S. We also said goodbye to one of our students, who had been on the program since Week 1. We cried (well, the teacher, definitely, did).

Saturday 10.02.2024 – Luna Park in St Kilda!

This historical amusement park of Melbourne opens its doors at 11am, so we started off the morning by seeing the famous St Kilda beach! Earlier on Friday, students really liked the pictures of this beach and realised they hadn’t visited it. It was a perfect opportunity to complete this “mission”.

When we finished with the rides at Luna Park, we had lunch and took a tram back to school. We felt so tired but happy after a long but nice week.

We invite you to stay tuned and return next week to read the Week 4 blog post. There’s so much more to discover, new friendships to forge, and exciting experiences to share. See you next week for another fantastic chapter in this language-learning adventure in Melbourne, Australia.

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