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Welcome to the latest update from the BROWNS English Language School Junior Holiday Program in Brisbane! Week 4 has been an incredible journey filled with exploration, learning, and boundless excitement. As our young adventurers continue to delve into captivating English lessons and engaging activities, we’re thrilled to share the highlights of their experiences so far. Keep reading as we recount the vibrant happenings of this enriching week.

Monday, 7th August 2023 – “My Family”

Our students embarked on an engaging journey into the theme of “My Family.” From mastering new vocabulary on Quizlet to taking part in the family tree gap-fill activity, our learners had a blast. Throughout the day, they unleashed their creativity through activities like jigsaw puzzles, lively conversations, Kahoot challenges, and word searches. The afternoon wrapped up with a delightful session of family board games like Uno and Go Fish, followed by the enchanting movie “The Little Mermaid”.

Tuesday, 8th August 2023 – Sun, Sand, and Safety at the Beach

Today was all about the beach. Our students not only expanded their vocabulary using Quizlet but also delved into beach safety in Australia through informative videos. Unveiling the mysteries of critters like the blue bottle and stingers, students engaged in riveting listening activities and fruitful discussions. The day continued with a dynamic team game named “If I go to the beach, I ‘ll take…” which sparked new word discoveries and spelling challenges. As the sun set, everyone enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon at the Fun House gaming center, where video games, arcades, and air hockey provided endless amusement.

Wednesday, 9th August 2023 – School of the Air

Australia’s “School of the Air” is an education system catering to students in remote areas. It offers personalised, high-quality education with regular interactions between educators and students, overcoming geographical barriers. During Wednesday’s English lesson, our Junior Holiday Program students explored this concept by engaging in group discussions, map activities, and captivating videos, delving into the Australian Outback’s unique educational approach. They further immersed themselves in reading exercises, participated in an intriguing jigsaw activity sparking thoughtful conversations, and expanded their exploration to Coober Pedy, learning about its distinctive lifestyle, opal treasures, and living conditions. Everyone discussed the topic in pairs and wrote a paragraph about if they wanted to live in Coober Pedy.

Thursday, 10th August 2023 – Shopping Delights

Shopping took center stage today as students shared their favourite products, shops, and brand preferences. Vocabulary activities and immersive listening exercises set the tone for a dynamic day. Collaborative efforts led to lively dialogue compositions, and students even showed off their acting skills by recording dialogues with their classmates. In the afternoon, the bustling Queen Street in Brisbane welcomed our students for an exciting shopping adventure. Split into groups, they embarked on a price-checking expedition, hunting for both souvenirs and delicious treats.

Friday, 11th August 2023 – A Day of Sporting Spirit

Sports enthusiasts were in for a treat with a day dedicated to athleticism. Students explored new sports vocabulary, tackled crosswords, and engaged in lively Kahoot sessions. In pairs, they embarked on the creative endeavour of inventing a brand-new sport, sharing their imaginative ideas with classmates. As the sun began to set, everyone enjoyed a leisurely picnic at the Roma Street Parklands. Soccer matches, leisurely strolls amidst vibrant flower gardens, and playful moments at the playground made for a day of pure enjoyment.

Saturday, 12th August 2023 – Lights, Camera, Action at Movie World!

Last Saturday was a day of pure excitement as our students embarked on a thrilling journey to Movie World. The air buzzed with anticipation as we ventured into the realm of cinematic wonders. From the moment we set foot inside, the enchanting atmosphere of Movie World swept us away into a world where imagination knows no bounds. Laughter echoed through the air as students indulged in exhilarating rides and met beloved characters. The day was full of thrill and adventure, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

As we wrap up this exhilarating Week 4 of the BROWNS English Language School Junior Holiday Program, we’re already buzzing with anticipation for the adventures that await in Week 5. Next week our young explorers will dive into new themes, create lasting memories, and continue their language-learning journey in the vibrant heart of Brisbane. Join us once again as we uncover the magic that each day brings, and watch as our students thrive in an environment of discovery and new friendships. Don’t miss out on the next chapter of our journey – stay tuned for another exciting update as we embark on Week 5 together!

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