Junior Holiday Program Australia

Fun, Food & Aussie Adventures: BROWNS’ Junior Holiday Program in Australia (Brisbane)

Monday, 12/02/2024 – Food
In today’s English class students learned how to describe different quantities of food using the metric scale. They studied vocabulary relating to units and measurements and the process of counting and un-counting. In the afternoon students gathered together in the kitchen to make ‘Mug-Cakes’, everyone enjoyed the rich chocolate cakes! 

Tuesday, 13/02/2024 – Daily Routines (Present Simple)
Tuesday’s language classes were focused on the Present Simple tense (conjugation and application), the topic that students discussed was ‘Daily Routines’. Students left school in the afternoon to play several rounds of crazy golf. 

Wednesday, 14/02/2024 – Holiday Postcard (Past Simple)
Wednesday’s English language focus was how to write a Holiday Postcard utilising the Past Simple tense. Students created a postcard to send home to their families in their home country. In the afternoon students engaged themselves in a lively session of bingo on campus.

Thursday, 15/02/2024 – Transport & directions 
The in-class English topic for Thursday was transportation, providing and receiving directions to navigate around the town centre. This culminated in an afternoon ferry ride along the Brisbane river! 

Friday, 16/02/2024 – Sightseeing
On the final day of the Junior Holiday Program, students completed their English classes by giving a presentation about sight-seeing in Brisbane and what their cultural experience had been. To farewell the students, the class teacher threw a Class Party. 

Saturday, 17/02/2024 – Australia Zoo 
The final Saturday cultural experience was a day trip to Australia Zoo. The students woke up early and travelled up to the Sunshine Coast where they engaged with the animals and activities at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo

This brings us to the end of BROWNS‘ January and February Junior Holiday Program. We are looking forward to welcoming a new group of students later this year in March and also July-August. To find out more, visit https://brownsenglish.edu.au/english-courses/junior-program

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