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Aboriginal Dot Painting

In December for Art week, the A2 Elementary students were introduced to Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and the use of symbols in dot painting to tell stories and create maps. They studied the history of Aboriginal art and were amazed to discover that artists have to seek permission to paint a story that is not from their own lineage.  Dot painting is made by using a series of dots rather than by brush strokes.  The students learned how to make these dots with a variety of materials such as cotton buds and paintbrushes.


Owen created a wonderful story to paint on his boomerang. As he put it, “My art shows men and women, fire sticks, spears, a snake and a possum. The story is of a woman who is in the fight of her life with a snake and a possum. She uses spears to defend herself and is ultimately victorious.  After she wins the battle, her village throw her a party to celebrate, the men dance with fire sticks and they all cheer for the woman by shouting hooray “


Aya said that she used the symbols for a meeting place, a woman and a child. She chose these symbols because she liked the look of them and that children hold a special place in her heart.  Her painting represents the birth of human beings.

Natsumi chose to paint a campfire, hunting grounds, a snake and people sitting as she wanted to show the togetherness of people.  She also loves camping and even the very idea of campsites.  The stars on her boomerang represent the beauty of the world.


Sayaka is a nail technician by trade, she loves art and the freedom of expression that it represents.  She chose the snake, the honey ant and the symbol for a woman. Her creation was based purely on the art and the actual symbols themselves, nonetheless she thinks that “snakes are cool”.


In all, the students had a great time creating their masterpieces and they were able to learn vocabulary not often found in standard textbooks. The boomerangs are a keepsake and wonderful memory of their time at BROWNS.


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