As part of the BROWNS Intensive General English program, students study in an Active8 class which focusses on each language skill during the week. There is an importance in these lessons on authentic materials and using language in a meaningful and relevant way. Our focus for this post is our B1 and A2 Active8 classes.

BROWNS Active8

BROWNS Active8 to learning fluency

B1 Active8

Topic: Food!

Food and different cultures’ eating habits are always great topics to learn about – we can all learn so much from each other, and have a great time trying new food as well!

The B1 class explored the famous Australian icon of the Lamington. After learning useful imperatives related to recipes (Add…; Mix….; Stir…; Cut….; Roll…) all students had the chance to learn how to make their own lamingtons. Our students loved this activity – this is what they had to say:

“Delicious. Thank you!” Abgail

“Lamingtons were very veryyyy good! I love sweet and pre-inter class! Thanks everyone♥” Ah Ryung

(See the photos at the bottom of the page)

A2 Active8

Topic: Australian Culture

One of the key reasons why students choose to study in Australia is not only so that they can become fully immersed in the language, but so that they can have the experience to become part of the Australian culture. A lot of students do this by living with homestay families; and at BROWNS we think this is an important part of our Active8 curriculum as well.

The Aboriginal culture is an integral part of Australian history and life – but one that international students do not often have a lot of knowledge about. The A2 Active8 class explored the topic of Aboriginal traditional stories and art through a very ‘hands-on’ approach, which included telling their own stories based on Aboriginal symbols. See our students in action below:

It’s great to see our students really engaged in their learning; and the BROWNS Active8 classes and teachers really encourage this.

BROWNS Active8

BROWNS Active8

BROWNS Active8