HSP students

Collaborate Mentoring Initiative

Week Three Reflection (Body Active – Physical activity outdoors)

Over a dozen BROWNS English Language School students have volunteered to join a new mentoring initiative at our Gold Coast campus. Each adult mentor is teamed up and placed with a small group of 4-5 High School Preparation students aged between 11-17 years. Launching as a six-week program, these one-hour peer support group sessions are held once a week and cover various topics to help ease the transition to life in Australia, provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students to ask questions, and also a great way to practise English.


Here’s what some of our High School Preparation (HSP) students had to say about their third mentoring session (Body Active – Physical activity outdoors):

What have you enjoyed the most about mentoring so far?

HSP student 1: “Playing dodgeball. This is so fun and I like to talk to my mentor. The time (1 hour) is very short. I wish we had two hours with our mentor. Please keep this plan. I like my mentor. I love it. More, more, more, more!”

HSP student 2: “My favourite thing was when we went to the park and we played football. I actually don’t like football but I was happy to go outside with my mentor.”

HSP student 3: “I like to talk to my mentor. I like to play games with other students.”

HSP student 4: “I’m very happy I can talk to my mentor and they are friendly too so I enjoyed talking to them. I like it and please keep it.”

What do you find difficult about the mentoring program?

HSP student 1: “Nothing is difficult”

HSP student 2: “I want more time because one hour is too short.”

HSP student 3: “Nothing is difficult”

HSP student 4: “Nothing is difficult. All is good. Keep it please.”

Do you think this program is helpful for HSP students? Why or why not?

HSP student 1: “Yes because we talk and play then understand other people and help self. ”

HSP student 2: “Yes, because this program is very relaxing and fun so please keep it.”

HSP student 3: “This program is helpful for me because I can speak English many times so I will speak English good.”

HSP student 4: “Yes because we can improve our English and we can make new friends and they are friendly. Keep it please.”


We also spoke to our mentors are asked them to reflect on the third week of the program. Here’s what they said:

Looking back, what did you enjoy most about week three?

Mentor 1: “I loved this week. Was really nice outside day.”

Mentor 2: “The children were already more comfortable with our presence and they really enjoyed spending time outside.”

Mentor 3: “We’re getting closer to each other.”

Mentor 4: “We played a game and it was fun! Going outside is a good thing for students.”

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