Gold Coast Library


Thanks to Natasa’s AE3 class for telling us about their excursion this week! 

On Monday 21st of November, the students from the AE3 class and our teacher had a different day. We didn’t know where we were going or what we were going to do. We were surprised because we arrived at the Broadwater Parklands and we could not imagine what we were going to do in this place. It was amazing.

At first, we took the weekly test. While we were taking the test we could see a beautiful view of the bay. That helped us to get a good result because we could concentrate more than in a classroom.

Next, our teacher Natasa gave us a quiz about the park. She divided us into pairs. Every pair went around the park to find information. After one hour, every pair came back to the teacher to check the answers. We learnt a lot of things. The pair who go the most correct answers won a prize, a delicious ice cream.

In the second half of the excursion, we went to the library to learn about the history of the Gold Coast. A kind librarian was waiting for us when we arrived. She explained the library to us and about the Gold Coast. We had to choose topics about the Gold Coast, read about it and then summarise the information.

For us, the activities were very useful because we got a lot of knowledge about Southport and Gold Coast history. It was a great day and it was very different to staying in the classroom all day.