Learn English Quickly

To make the most of your time at BROWNS English Language School and in studying English in Australia, here are some tips on how to learn English quickly.

Find out what your learning style is. Are you an eye learner (or visual)? Then you learn best by seeing words written down, taking notes and making mind maps. Are you an ear learner (or auditory)? Then repeating new words aloud, talking things through with a teacher or other student and telling stories will help you learn. Are you a body learner (or kinesthetic)? Then you can do role plays, move around while learning things and can learn by writing and rewriting edited drafts. You may also use a mixture of these styles. English language courses in Australia usually tend to focus on different style in different lessons or in different parts of lessons. 

Think about how you can integrate newly learnt skills together. For example, you may have been watching TV and written down a couple of new words or a phrase that you heard. Try to use them again as quickly as possible either in conversation, in an email or in a writing exercise in class. Keep practising the new language until you get the context and pronunciation right. Think of yourself as a scientist, testing and retesting!

Use the resources around you every day. Just a simple walk down the street can be a great lesson. Look at all the signs, eavesdrop on all the conversations on the bus and train, and ask every shop assistant lots of questions about their products. TV is a great medium, especially soapies where the stores are quite simple and you’ll learn lots of local slang. The Internet is an amazing resource so if you can find a site related to one of your interests, you can read new vocabulary, natural grammar, listen to native speakers and maybe even chat with people who have the same interests. Remember that English language schools are not the only places where you can learn English. When you learn English in Australia, English is around you all day. 

Finally, the most important aspect to learning English quickly in Australia is your attitude. The trick is to have fun learning but have the serious intention to learn. Studying English in Australia is sure to be one of your best memories for the rest of your life. Be strong but flexible enough to make mistakes as sometimes it feels like you are back being a child! English language schools will help you do this. Learn to express your ideas and feelings and remember everyone has to right to their point of view since the ability to listen is an equally important part of the communication equation. This is an expectation once you reach higher level English language courses. Finally, remain optimistic and keep your eye on your long term goal – you will have forgotten any small problems when you have your dream job or are communicating easily with travellers on your next holiday.