Punctuation marks

They are simple things. The period, or full stop (.) The Question mark (?) And the Exclamation mark (!) 3 small little marks – yet they can completely change the meaning of our sentences. Think about the meaning, and how you would say the following three sentences.

  1. Shannan is an amazing teacher.  Or
  2. Shannan is an amazing teacher!! Or
  3. Shannan is an amazing teacher?

Well, personally, I really like Number 2 – Shannan is an amazing teacher!! And why do I like that? Look at all that exclamation! It means good things; it means that students really appreciate my teaching; it means I’m doing a good job!

If my students were asking Question number 3, I would be a little worried about it. It might mean that they don’t know who I am; or it may also mean that they’re questioning my teaching and don’t think I’m a good teacher.

And point number 1 – yes, it means that the statement is true – but it’s just not…exciting! So, when you are writing, whether it be for an in-class task; or writing an email; or writing on facebook, think about your use of punctuation. It will make a difference.

PS. Check out the following YouTube clips. Who ever thought punctuation could be so fun?!