Pre-Intermediate teacher - Leigh

Leigh – Pre-Intermediate General English teacher

Shannan: How long have you been teaching at BROWNS?

Leigh: About a year.

Shannan: You have an interesting history – you weren’t born in Australia?

Leigh: No, I was born in Bangalore, India and moved to New Zealand when I was really young. I still like curry though.

Shannan: Why did you become an ESL teacher?

I studied English at Uni and I wanted a job where I could work with people instead of a computer. Also, in Brazil, I learned a bit about the challenges of learning another language, so ESL teaching seemed like a good thing for me to do.

Shannan: Leigh, you’re the main organizer of the “MOvember” challenge at BROWNS. Can you explain a little about the challenge?

Leigh: The Movember challenge is where men grow their moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness

and money for men’s health research for cancer and mental illness. If you want to know more you can LIKE the page @ for regular updates.

Shannan: Why did you want to support MOvember? What does this mean to you?

Leigh: Men don’t often talk about health problems so MOvember is a great way to help promote regular health checks for men. Also I think Moustaches are awesome but my wife doesn’t like them so it’s a good chance for me to grow mine without her complaining. It also means we get to have a Browns MOvember party at the end of the month!

Shannan: So, do you think you can grow a good moustache?

Leigh: Anyone can grow a great Moustache- it’s easy! However, it has been a while since I had one so I’m really looking forward to getting out my Moustache care tools so I can Grow the MO!

Shannan: Do you have any tips for the students regarding MOvember and growing a great moustache?

Leigh: First of all go to and LIKE the page. Then for the MO-Brotha I’d suggest you talk to your teacher or Pete

or I (at the GC campus) about getting your BROWNS MOvember Pack.

And for the MO-Sista I’d say a good way to start is to sponsor your favourite MO- Brotha and claim your official Browns MOvember Mo team tag; then support your Mo brotha until the MOvember party.

Oh and always stroke the Mo before going to bed; it helps to promote growth.