Barista Competition

Our Barista Trainer Alexis Simpson was invited to attend and judge the Double Shots Coffee and Cocktail Competition.

A competition run in Brisbane for baristas and bartenders to combine their knowledge of coffee and cocktails to create their own unique beverage. Each competitor is given 5 minutes to make, explain and present their coffee/cocktails to the judging panel.

Double Shots came about in order to bridge the gap between baristas and bartenders and to discover new and exciting ways to use coffee in the bar. Competition is held at the Kettle and Tin in Paddington and usually attracts 8-10 competitors and around 60 industry professionals.

This has allowed Alexis to not only network but remain current with what is happening in the hospitality industry in Brisbane. Alexis is able to then pass this invaluable knowledge to our Barista@BROWNS students, giving them an advantaging when looking for work.