As part of the BROWNS Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we awarded a 12-week scholarship to Ms. Eri Takahashi who was a victim of the tsunami/earthquake that hit Japan in 2011.
Ms. Takahashi completed her course at BROWNS and is currently working in Australia. She left some comments that we would like to share with you.

“My pre-departure feelings and my first day at BROWNS”
To be honest, I was really nervous before leaving from Japan. Because it was my first time to stay for long time in foreign country, moreover I didn’t have any confidence of my English skills. However I was lucky that I was able to meet friendly, kind and smiley receptionist, Jojo. Her words made me relaxed and excited to start studying in Browns.

“BROWNS Memories”
It was really nice to meet such marvelous teachers and friends. They inspired and motivated me a lot. I appreciate that teachers always being concerned about me, especially Kevin corrected my self-study many times in spite of asking him to correct it out of his class.

It was precious opportunity that I studied with foreign friends who have different culture, religion and ways of thinking. Most people can’t avoid experiencing culture shock when you develop your friendship. I learnt that when we admit diversity, the most important thing is to consider that it is just a difference. We should never judge or classify any diversity as good or bad.

“Thank you BROWNS!”
I was able to improve my English a lot because of BROWNS! In this moment, I got a part time job and I work at restaurant as a waitress. And I meet new foreign friends and enjoy my life in Australia. It is a pleasure for me to communicate with foreigners in English. When I go back to Japan, I’d like to teach English as a teacher in elementary school.

Ms.Eri Takahashi from Japan