Hundreds of parents from all around the world have trusted BROWNS to prepare their children for their high school journey in Australia. This preparation is not only about the English language skills they require, but also about adapting to a new life away from home. Adjusting to a new culture is a complex process but we strive to make it as seamless as possible, especially for our young students.

Since the launch of our High School preparation course, it has been fundamental for us to provide an appropriate learning environment where our under 18 students can immerse themselves while feeling comfortable and where they can focus exclusively on their studies.

After discussions with the students and parents, we are excited to take the next step towards the ideal learning environment with the introduction of a BROWNS uniform.

A uniform gives the students a sense of belonging to the school while promoting a sense of teamwork. It teaches them to take pride in their appearance and it completely removes the peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. It also helps them to understand that what really counts is what kind of people they are.  Moreover, the uniform helps them to prepare for when they leave BROWNS and will have to wear one in their high schools.

From our end, the uniform easily identifies our under 18 students throughout the campus so we can provide the extra attention they require.

The feedback on the uniform policy from the students and their parents has been fantastic and we love to see these students on their path to success in Australia.

The uniform consists of a BROWNS red polo shirt. A set of 3 shirts are given to the students for FREE on their arrival.