Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer is the most popular method used by overseas students paying for their studies in Australia.

It is a type of International Bank Transfer where you transfer money from your local bank to an Australian account. You can do this easily if your bank trades in Australian dollars. If it doesn’t, you will need to contact a different bank or financial institution. Be aware that in some cases your payment might need to pass through a different currency first (US¬†dollar for example) before it is converted into Australian dollars. This process might increase dramatically what you are paying for your course in your local currency; but unfortunately, in some countries there are no other options.

In addition to the high cost, clearing the transaction made by Telegraphic Transfer can be slow. After you make the transaction, an Australian bank needs a few days (usually between 2-4 business days) to confirm your payment. This can delay your enrolment as we need to confirm the payment before continuing the process.

But we have great news for you! At BROWNS, we don’t stop trying to make your life easier.

We have partnered with NexPay, an international student payment system that offers savings on currency and transfer fees. They offer much better rates than banks, you can pay in your home currency, and you can track your payment online. Doesn’t it sound like a great option? We believe it is.

All you need to do is create a NexPay account here. Then you need to enter some personal information and the total amount of your invoice in Australian dollars. It will give you the amount you need to pay in your home currency, the exchange rate, and the details for the payment. You have a day to transfer the quoted amount from your bank account to the NexPay account. You can do this via online banking or go personally into your bank.

After receiving your payment, NexPay will deposit your funds (in Australian dollars) into our Australian Bank account with your personal details so we know from whom the payment came.

Click here for tutorials on how to pay using NexPay.

You can also check your savings using Nexpay on this calculator.