Cambridge CAE Student

Hi everyone, my name is Timo, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Switzerland. The main purpose of my stay in Australia is to pass the Cambridge CAE exam with grade B so that I can apply for a Hospitality Management School in Switzerland.

It has always been in my mind to come to Australia to learn English as I also wanted to discover a new country with a fairly different culture and most importantly with a warm and sunny climate.  So, after having finished High School I had to go to the army for about one year as this is compulsory in Switzerland and then I directly made my way to the Gold Coast.

I have chosen to stay at a homestay during the whole 12 weeks I have been studying at BROWNS English School. My home is situated in Biggera Waters a suburb about 15 minutes by bicycle away from the centre of Southport. The family I have been living with couldn’t have been better. Together with their six-year-old boy they live in a single story house. They are extremely friendly, open-minded and helpful. But the most important thing to mention is, that my host father undertook everything to make my stay in Australia an unforgettable one. We went fishing together on his boat, he took my out for a Kite surfing lesson, we hit the gym together on a regular basis or just enjoyed a few beers in the comfy backyard lounge. I would recommend everyone to opt for  a host family than for a stay at an apartment as it’s extremely easy to pick up even more of the culture, their lifestyles and on top of that you can practise your English every single day and you don’t tend to get lazy and speak your native language with your flatmates.

After my 12 weeks of studying at BROWNS English School and the Cambridge CAE exam I will go travelling for another two month together with my girlfriend joining my after the studies will have finished. That’s also why, until now, I didn’t travel too much. So far I’ve been skydiving in Byron Bay, organised by the school. What’s more, I went to Brisbane for a several times, enjoyed a concert of one of my favourite bands just at the Gold Coast and had some good times just chilling out on the beach combined with surfing or playing beach volleyball.

More than ever before am I now convinced that studying English in a foreign country is not only beneficial for your language skills but also forms a crucial part of becoming independent and more self conscious. I met so many nice people from all around the globe and I’m totally sure that those new friendships will last for longer than just for the stay here in Australia.

If you have the possibility to do same as I did, do not hesitate and just do it. I most certainly had the time of my life  and I don’t regret any decision I took.

Timo from Switzerland
BROWNS Cambridge CAE Student – Gold Coast Campus